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Bundibuygo, Uganda



Set in what is one of the most scenic parts of Uganda, Bundibuygo has seen few if any tourists in recent years due to local insecurity. The journey itself offers terrific views over the Semliki Valley and from Bundibuygo itself frequent glimpses in the mornings of the snow capped Rwenzori peaks.

Bundibuygo-Fort Portal 68 km, 1.45 hrs
Fort Portal-Semliki National Park Sempaya gate 52 km 1.15hrs

Main street Bundibuygo
Main street Bundibuygo

Getting to Bundibuygo is now much easier with the completion of the road upgrade between Fort Portal and Bundibuygo. There is now a direct bus between Kampala and Bundibugyo run by Kalita Executive. The bus travels via Fort Portal where the one way fare between Fort Portal and Bundibuygo is Ushs5,000-. The bus departs Fort Portal around 15.00 hrs returning from Bundibuygo daily at 07.00hrs. The bus will stop at the Sempaya Gate to Semliki National Park for those intent on visiting the park. Pick-up trucks ply the road between Fort Portal Karugutu Trading centre and Bundibugyo throughout the day departing when full. This does imply they are very full when leaving and still continue to load passengers and baggage on the journey. The road has some hair raising bends to be negotiated so this transport should not be considered by the faint hearted. The scenery is very spectacular with views of Semliki Game Reserve and the Ituri forest in the DR Congo.

In Bundibuygo finding secure overnight parking would be a problem for those with their own vehicles.

Sorting cocoa
Sorting cocoa

Picfare: Just about any foreign visitor that came to Bundibuygo prior to the opening of The Vanila Hotel ended up staying at the Picfare. Inexpensive rooms and meals available.

Single Ush 10,000-
Double Ushs20,000-

Vanilla Hotel: Since it's opening now preferred choice accommodation in Bundibuygo for tourists and NGO's a like.

Singles Ushs15,000-
Dounbles Ushs20,000-

Local restaurants offer standard meals in town. The market has basic foodstuffs on sale and locally grown fruit. Sodas and beers are also readily available. At night the town plunges into complete darkness. There is no electricity supply in town.

Around Bundibuygo:
Read document on Semliki NP. Visits to Pygmy villages have long since stopped because of hostility from the Pygmies. There are Pygmy villages located close to Sempaya Hot Springs in Semliki NP.

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