"Supporting Community development"

Background of the project

The concept of the project was developed in 2003 and training started in January 2004, with a limited number of orphans and needy students being admitted in only one course of Hotel Management and Tourism. This was a free course supported by the lake Bunyonyi Development project. The above course was restricted to only students who had completed S.4 living behind those who could not afford finishing S.4 and it was limiting students of Diverging skills of Development.


The project is located in Bufuka Village on the shores of lake Bunyonyi Kabale District Southern Uganda. The location to this village was agreed upon to help the orphans mainly from Bufuka and four other orphans care centers of Bugona, Kisizi, Kabera and Kavumo. With Bufuka being the most hit area by HIV/Aids thus living the biggest orphaned community around Lake Bunyonyi.

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Motto. The motto of the school is 'skills for sustainable development'.

Mission statement:

The mission statement to provide relevant practical skills but will enhance economic competitiveness and capacity y for job creation.


a) Promotional of employment oriented vocational skills for life time.
b) To create sufficient manpower for employment opportunities to the increasing number of school leavers.
c) To reduce the poverty levels brought about by unemployment levels of the young youth caused by theoretical education systems.
d) To bridge the gap of white color job syndrome but has been amongst the youth which has led to unemployment, rural urban migration, early marriages, HIV/AIDs infection amongst the youth.

All in all the institution is aimed at promoting employment oriented vocational training for sustainable economic development for the people around the lake.

Courses Offered:

The institution is both day and boarding, mixed admitting students of different levels ranging from P.7 to S.6. It also offers secondary education in order to provide a variety to the youth, mostly the orphans, street children and the needy in the following areas.

a) Hotel management and Tourism/ Catering and Cookery.
b) Carpentry and Joinery.
c) Tailoring and kneeing.
d) Block laying and concrete practice.
e) Computer studies.

Agriculture and Land management:

The institution has been instrument to land management practices and trees of different spices have been planted in order tom promote environmental awareness and concerns around there. This has been done through planting trees on the hills sides totaling 6499 trees.

Grevillea - 750 trees
Pine patular - 650 spices
Eucalyptus - 1950 trees
Cyplus - 700 tress
Black wattle - 150 trees
Markhmia - 200 trees
Caiples - 2100 trees
Grafted Avocadoes - 19 trees

It has also been the first institution to promote eco-toilets (Decomposing toilets) in the communities around the lake.

Talent Development:

Swimming and live saving skills have been imparted to the young ones at all levels. Also Volley balls, football, netball games for both male and female have been developed.

With the coming of the new volunteer from the United Kingdom by the names of Andy who will be a coach the teams will even do better. The youth and the Rev. David Williams Vicar Of Christ Church of Winchester from UK Has donated to the institute some balls and this has created the zeal and love for sports.

Cultural performances by some of the offers like Bufuka Orphans Dancing Group has provided some mattresses and scholastic materials to the orphans..

Future Prospects.

  • The institution is set to be the center of information communication technology after the establishment of a computer laboratory.
  • It will be the supplier of skilled manpower to tourism center / comps and resorts that are mushrooming around the lake, since this is the only institution of its kind around lake Bunyonyi with in 6 sub-counties
  • A show room / craft shop will be developed to provide a variety of items to the local communities around the lake thus reducing the burden of traveling to Kabale town for furniture.
  • In the long run, the institution is targeting to transform the community members from theoretical education to practical hands on skills, which will lead to economic empowerment of the community, poverty reduction, employment creation and above all catering for an eco-friendly environment, aiming at reducing soil erosion, siltation of the lake Bunyonyi and bio-diversity development through eco-tourism.
    This will result into an industrious community leading to human resource development empowerment and capacity building.

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