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Crater Lakes Kabarole District Western Uganda



Many visitors with only the intension of spending a single night at one of many community tourism projects in the area invariably end up staying longer. The area is scenically pleasing and the local people very friendly. The attraction of Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest National Park and somewhere to relax in pleasant surroundings with good hospitality keeps visitors around longer than they originally planned. Please read document on Kibale Forest National Park for information on the Park, Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary and accommodation local to the park.

Don't miss out on the vibrant Rwaihamba market of either Monday or Thursday if you are in the area.

Tea Estate adjacent Lake Nyabikere
Tea estate adjacent Lake Nyabikere

The majority of the community projects are self-administering campsites however the better ones also offer cottages to rent. On Lake Nyabikere there are several such places all vying for your attention. Some have invested heavily and others done nothing more than clear a space for you to pitch a tent.

Lake Nyinabulitwa:

Nyinabulitwa Country Resort and Safari Camp: Tel. 0712 984929, 0782 291577, email: info@nyinabulitwaresort.com.

Fort Portal-Nyinabulitwa Country Resort 20 km. Follow the Kamwenge road from Fort Portal to the Rweetera Trading Centre tea factory. Nyinabulitwa Country Resort is signposted on the right some 100 meters before the trading centre. The wonderfully located venue includes four self contained cottages and two double bedded rooms within the main house with fitted kitchen all with stunning views over Lake Nyinabulitwa. Guided nature walks and canoe trips are possible to a forest tree house on the lake for primate and bird watching.

International rates
Local resident, special rates and special packages on request

Cottage without terrace
Per person sharing (double) US$ 60
Per person single US$ 70
Triple per person US$ 60

Cottage with terrace
Per person sharing (double) US$ 70
Per person single US$ 80
Triple per person US$ 70

All prices inclusive of breakfast
Lunch per person US $ 10
Dinner per person US $ 15

US$ 15 per person per night

Children from 0 to 5 years = free
Children from 6 to 12 years = ¼ of all prices

Lake Nyabikere:
CVK (Crater Valley Kibale Resort Beach Lodge):
Fort Portal-CVK 21 km
Follow the Kamwenge road from Fort Portal next to the Mpanga River market for 17 km and take the left fork for a further 5 km. Well sign-posted.
Tel 0772192709, 0772 906549, 0772 492274, email: cvkresort@gmail.com.

Certainly the longest established facility on the lake and for many years a very popular stop over for backpackers, overland trucks and self drive tourists. Positioned very conveniently with access to Kibale Forest NP (18 km). Local and European meals available, cold sodas & beers. Always a warm & friendly welcome. Patio bar restaurant with views over the lake. There is a walking trail around the lake that is ideal for bird enthusiasts.

Rates 2011
Camp Sites (no power): US$10.00 per small tent.p.n. (Flush toilets, showers at campsite).
Self contained single bed room Ushs35,000 p.r.p.n. incl breakfast
Self contained twin beds room Ushs60,000 p.r.p.n. incl breakfast
Self contained double bed room Ushs70,000 p.r.p.n. incl breakfast
Banda room Ushs25,000 p.r.p.n. without breakfast. (Flush toilets, showers are shared facility at campsite).
2 bedroomed Guest House Ushs150,000 p.n. (4 persons, extra person Ushs25,000) without breakfast.

Crater Lke
Lake Nyabikere
Crater Lake

Chimpanzee Forest Guest House:
Fort Portal 23 Km on the Kamwenge Road. The guest house is to be found just after CVK also on the right with views of Lake Nyabikere. Tel 0772 486415, email: chimpgueste@yahoo.com

Accommodation in the Guest house 2014:


Double Occupancy Ushs260,000/=
Single Occupancy Ushs160,000/=
Each additional Person Ushs120,000/=
Children 4 - 8 years per Pax Ushs80,000/=

Double Occupancy Ushs220,000/=
Single Occupancy Ushs140,000/=

Note: Each additional person and Children 4 - 8 years the rates are the same like those of Cottages.

Rainforest Guesthouse
At this lovely family run budget venue you will be hosted by Margaret and her family. The venue is located 11km from Fort Portal on the Kamwenge road enroute to the Kibale Forest. Tel. +256 (0)774 448194. +256 (0)774 504073, email: forestrn32@gmail.com, kemigisamarg@yahoo.com.

The Rainforest Guest house has 7 simply furnished comfortable rooms. Bathroom and toilet facilities are shared.

Double room: Ushs40,000-
Twin room: Ushs40,000-
Single room: Ushs20,000-

Local road sign
Local road sign

Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve
Fort Portal-Lake Nkuruba 25 km

Follow the Kamwenge road from Fort Portal next to the Mpanga River market for 17 km and take the right fork for a further 5 km, Kabende-Fort Portal Rd. Well sign-posted.
This small crater lake is completely surrounded by indigenous forest. Here Black and White Colobus monkeys are resident and even chimpanzees are seen on occasions. Several trails have been cut to allow for forest walks where you can better take advantage of viewing the prolific birdlife.

A 1 hour walk via 'Top of the World' will take you to the main Fort Portal-Kamwenge road where you can take a matatu to Kibale Forest NP. Lake Nkuruba is ideally positioned for walks to the crater lakes at Kabata and the weekly market at Rwaihamba. Views of the Rwenzori Peaks can be seen on clear days.

Enfuzi Community Campsite: Tel. +256 (0)782 779910, email: pastorbosco@yahoo.com. Established in late 2005 this campsite and bandas are located high up on the rim of the crater with views of the Rwenzori in a nice rural setting. The venue is directly next door to the long established Lake Nkuruba Campsite and Bandas. A reception / lounge and kitchen are available for visitors to relax and eat. Meals can be prepared for visitors not self-catering. Access to the lake is possible for swimming and birdwatching. You will find 5 non-self contained bandas each capable of accommodating 5 people.

Rates Ushs15,000- per person.
elf camping at only Ushs5,000- per person.
All rates exclude breakfast. -

Lake Nkuruba Campsite and Bandas: Mobile: +256 (0)773 266067
email: lake_nkuruba@yahoo.com.

This venue has been popular with budget travellers since the mid 1990's and is regarded as the original Lake Nkuruba Campsite. The site beholds a wonderful location where you will find yourself extremely relaxed with not a care in the world. The accommodation options include camping, bandas and a self-contained cottage right by the lake. Tents are available for rent. Black and white colobus monkeys are one of the star attractions frequenting the campsite to play and feed in the forest on the crater rim.

Rates through April 2012
Camping- Ushs6,000- p/p
Tent Hire- Ushs10,000- p/n
Evening Meal- Ushs13,000-
Day Visitors Entrance Fee- Ushs5,000-,
Banda- Ushs16,000- p/p
Lakeside Cottage- Ushs36,000- flat rate.
Cottage self contained Ushs50,000- flat rate.

Lake Kifuruka Eco-Lodge
Mobile: +256 (0)772 562513, +256 (0)773 640655
email: info@ecolodge-uganda.com

This Community development establishment opened in late 2008 with the focus on an eco-lodge campsite in Uganda, located on the rim of Lake Kifuruka, one of the 'twin lakes' in the heart of the Kasenda crater lakes field south of Fort Portal. Lake Kiuruka is approximately 24km from Fort Portal with public transport services to the nearby Riahamba trading centre where you can take a boda-boda or enjoy a short walk.

This beautiful location also offers a wide range of activities that includes walking excursions, bird watching, canoeing and fishing. The venue also helps to connect community development volunteers to help teach in the local community schools and get involved in other community development activities.

Rates 2014
Camping Ushs 10,000-
Rooms Ushs20,000-
Cottages (self contained) Ushs40,000-
Rates apply per person, per night.

Lake Lyantonde:
Lake Lyantonde Campsite, Bandas and Tours:

This venue closed in May 2008 and is now privately owned

Rwaihamba Trading Centre:

A twice weekly vibrant market takes place here on both Monday's and Friday's.

Rwaihamba Market
Rwaihamba Market

Kihumuro Guest House: Tel 0483 25036. Located right in Rwaihamba trading center offering simple accommodation and African meals in a rural setting. DSTV available. Very noisy on Rwaihamba market day.

Single non self-contained Ushs5,000-
Twin non self-contained Ushs10,000-

Kitojo Tourist Home: Tel. 0772 469333 email: info@kitojotouristhome.com, set in lush farmland with panoramic 360 degree views provides yet another establishment for consideration when visiting the region. This property and 3 cottages are set a top a hill provides a base to explore the region offering very clean rooms with both single and twin accommodation, shared bathrooms with modern flush toilets and hot shower facilities are on hand. Kitojo is located 2.2 kms from Rwaihamba where you should take a matatu to from Fort Portal. From the trading centre take a boda-boda or consider calling for a pick-up prior to leaving Fort Portal. Local and foreign meals are available.

Bed and breakfast - Cottages US$30 per person-
Full board - Cottages US$40- per person

Lake Nyinambuga:
Ndali Lodge: Perched on the ridge above Lake Nyinambuga 5 km after Rwaihamba trading center. Follow the same route as for Lake Nkuruba and continue. Reservations are advised on tel. 0772 221309, 0772 487673. Ndali Lodge is used primarily by tour operators for their clients however good fortune may be on your side if a vacancy is available and you have the budget. Accommodation and meals are sold as a inclusive package. Accommodation is in self-contained cottages all with spectacular views towards the Rwenzori.

Non Resident Rates: Double US$250-, Single US$180-, 3rd Bed US$70-
Resident Rates: Double US$160-, Single US$110-, 3rd Bed US$65-

Lake Kasenda:
Kasenda Beach Resort: Located on Lake Kasenda, about 35 km from Fort Portal town and accessible through the Fort Portal - Kasenda Road (about 30 minutes drive from Ndali Logde). Quiet place to relax in rural setting.

Entrance Fee Ushs5,000-

Single accommodation Ushs20,000-
Banda Ushs30,000-
Twin room: Ushs30,000-
Camping Ushs5,000-

Swimming Ushs5,000-
Nature walks Ushs5,000-
Meals Ushs10,000- to Ushs15,000-

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