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Kasese, Uganda



Kasese-Kampala 419 kms
Kasese-Fort Portal 97 kms

Kasese was the end of the line for ardent rail travel enthusiasts. The train stopped operations in 1997 due to security issues and the fact the bus service was taking the market share of passengers. Visitors to Kasese prior to 1997 came primarily with the intensions of organising trekking trips to the nearby Rwenzori Mountains National Park. The national park re-opened to visitors in 2001 and Kasese is starting to see a return of tourists to the town.

Kasese Town

There is a large market and plenty of shops to buy fresh and dried provisions, and rubber boots for those trekking in the Rwenzori. There is a bakery on the main street and several restaurants. The Post Office is on the main road next to the Shell filling Station. There is a UTC card phone there, however MTN Publicom phones can be found around town and at the Shell Filling Station. Internet access is possible at Reroc Internet cafe close to the Post Office on Rwenzori Road, Ushs100- per minute.

Getting there:
There are several buses that leave the Kampala bus park in the mornings for Kasese by way of Masaka, Mbarara. There is a Post Bus also leaving from the main Post Office on Kampala Rd at 08.00.

Those driving themselves the road is tarmac all the way by way of Masaka, Mbarara. The journey time is in the order of 6-7 hours. There are many heavy trucks on this road proceeding to the DRC, Rwanda and Western Uganda. By way of Fort Portal the road is now tarmac all the way from Kampala after a long awaited completion of a 50 km section in 2005 . This route via Fort Portal is faster than via Mbarara avoiding the slow moving traffic on the Masaka-Mbarara road.

For those trekking in the Rwenzori read the document Rwenzori NP for details on getting there.

Main Street Kasese Town

Springs international Hotel: Plot 1-5 Kiliembe Road. 33 room hotel with swimming pool.

Margherita Hotel: Tel. 04834 44015, Fax. 0483 44077, email: info@hotel-margherita.com. The preferred base camp for many trekking the Rwenzori. Located 3 km west of town on the road to Kilembe.

Camping in the gardens is permitted Ush10,000- per tent.
Executive Suite: US$110-, Apartment (based on 2 persons): US$150-, Single rooms from US$55-, Double Rooms from US$75-

New Saad Hotel: Tel. 0483 446296, 0382 277959, email info@newsaadhotel.com. Central, clean and friendly. Restaurant but alcohol not permitted.

22 room venue offering executive suite self contained with a/c Ushs30,000-, Twin room self contained Ushs 26,000-, Double room self contained Ushs20,000-.

Rwenzori International Hotel: Tel. 04834 44148, Fax 0483 44147, mobile 0782 282008
email rwenzoriinternationalhotel@gmail.com
Located 3 km from town in a quiet residential area. Modern comfortable rooms, gym and sauna facility. Large gardens ideal for campers. DSTV

Room rates2012:
Single self contained rooms with dstv - US$40-
Double self contained rooms with dstv - US$50-
Single self-contained standard rooms - US$30-
Single room with shared bathroom facilitiesUS$20-
Accommodation rates include breakfast.

White House Hotel: Tel. 04834 44706
Centrally located close to the offices of RMS. Restaurant with local, indian and european dishes.DSTV

Singles Ushs12,000- non self contained, Doubles Ushs19,000- self contained.
Room rates include breakfast.

Basic accommodation available in Kasese is also available at Atco Holiday Inn, Highway Bar and Lodge, Kaghasera, Paradise Bar and Lodgings.

Kasese Town

Trekking the Rwenzoris:
Rwenzori Mountaineering Services maintain an office in Kasese RMS maintains an office in Kasese at Plot 30 Rwenzori Road
Tel +256 (0)785 257635 - Kasese Office
Tel +256 (0)755 723581 - Nyakalengija Office
Te. +256 (0)784 308425 - Kampala Reservations
Email: trek@rwenzorimountaineeringservices.com, rwenzorims@gmail.com, rwenzorims@yahoo.com. For information on how to make a reservation to trek in the Rwenzori please refer to the document on the Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

Rwenzori Trekking Services www.rwenzoritrekking.com has established a new route into the mountains from Kalembe.

The Rwenzori Rangers and Guides Association have separate office in Kasese close to the central market. The Rangers and Guides Association acts merely as a Tour Operator that will arrange your trip for you on your behalf.

National Park Visits - Vehicle Hire
Safari vehicle hire with driver for those looking to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park can try Rwefuma Safaris who are based on the Kasese - Mbarara Highway. Tel: +256 (0)4834 46235, mobile: +256 (0)772 573399.

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