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Lake Bunyonyi South Western Uganda



Located 1962m above sea level and surrounded by steep sided heavily cultivated mountainous scenery. Lake Bunyonyi (the word means 'the place of many little birds') is about 25 km long and 7 km wide. With 29 islands dotting the centre of lake and depths varying from 44m to 900m. If the later is true it will make the lake the second deepest in Africa. The lake surface is a fresh 25 degrees celcius, bilharzia free and safe for swimming. Needless to say the spectacular scenery makes for an overnight experience at Lake Bunyounyi more desirable than staying in Kabale. There is accommodation to meet all budgets and different needs.

Lake Bunyonyi
Lake Bunyonyi

Visitors come to enjoy the scenery and relax. Swimming in the lake is popular as are dugout canoe excursions. Bird life is prolific (over 200 species recorded) with Uganda's national bird the Crested Crane a common sighting. Fish on the other hand are extremely scarce. The bi-weekly Rutindo market on Monday and Friday is a colourful affair attracting flotillas of canoes on the lake with basket loads of vegetables and other goods.


Arcadia Cottages: Tel. 0486 426231, 423400, or Cell 0772 981155, email arcadiacottages@yahoo.com. Self-contained cottages, bar and restaurant, awesome view over Lake Bunyonyi and surrounding region.

11 Cottage rooms: Double Ushs182,000-, Single Ushs142,000-

Bunyonyi Overland Resort: - Tel Mobile +256 (0)793 930006, +256 (0)772 409510, (0)712 409510, email resort@bunyonyioverland.com, Camping facilities and Bandas. Hot showers, bar and meals. Secure parking. Quiet camping site with modern toilet and shower facilities located on a peninsular with views of Lake Bunyonyi and surrounding hills. Transport to and from Kabale will be arranged via the Tourist Office at the Highland Hotel in Kabale. Canoe trips and Mountain Bikes available for hire. A warm friendly atmosphere. 24/7 internet connection Ushs100/- per minute.

Rates 2012
Camping US$7 pp-, Mobile tent with bedding US$12-, Dormitory bed US$15-. Furnished safari tent single US$25-, Furnished safari tent double US$35-, Single Room US$30-, Double Room US$40-, Single Cottage US$35-, Double Cottage US$50-, Family Cottage US$110-.

Bushara Island Camp: Island Office 04864 426110, Cell 0772 464584, 0772 686787 email: busharaisland@africaonline.co.ug. Set on Bushara Island in Lake Bunyonyi. Furnished tents for single and double occupancy, with facilities for do-it-yourself campers. Restaurant and bar. Safe secure parking and boat transfers. Internet and email facilities available on the island.

Furnished Safari Tents: US$50- full board, US$45- half board per person.

Cottage accommodation on full board basis: US$50- full board, US$45- half board per person (based on single/double or quad occupancy).

Furnished Safari Tents on full board basis includes boat transfers, all meals, secure parking, guided tour of island, morning tea/coffee. Children 4 and under are free, children 5 to 12 dicounted on adult rate.

Self camping USD6- per person per night.

Motor boat transfer to island free in each direction with Bushara boat if on full board or half board arrangements, otherwise Ushs10,000-. Canoe transfers Ushs2,500- each way.
Extensive delicious wholesome meals Ushs2,500- to Ushs8,000-.

Byoona Amagra (Whole Life) Project: Located on Itambira Island this is a non profit establishment dedicated to supporting education and sustainable development at Lake Bunyonyi whilst providing visitors with budget accommodation in comfort and style. Affordable meals available. To get here boat transfers are from Rutinda market. You will need a private hire to get to Rutinda (Ushs9,000- per car) or take a matatu on Mon - Fri only for Ushs1,000-. From Rutinda you can hire a canoe for Ushs3,000- per person or the schools motor boat for Ushs9,000-.

Camping (pitch you own) Ushs3,000-, Dormitory Ushs7,000-, Twin room Ushs9,000-,
GeoDome Ushs12,000-, Cabin (self-contained) Ushs16,000-, Cottage (self-contained) Ushs20,000-

Crater Bay Cottages: Tel. 0486 426255 or Cell 0712 701207, 0772 643996
email: craterbay@yahoo.com. Venue is located on the loop road to the Rotindo landing site. Excellent location for visiting the twice weekly market. Wonderfully sited terrace with views over the lake.

Self-contained single/double cottages US$43-

Viper Rooms
Single US$10-
Twin US$20-
Triple US$30
Mobile Tent with bedding US$9- per person
Self camping US$6- per person

Heritage Lodge - Ha’Buharo Island & Muko Campsite: Tel +256 (0)772 357424, 0312 279552, email: reservations@tangazatours.co.ug. The journey to Ha’Buharo Island begins at Rotindo landing site. Motor boat transfers take 25 minutes. The Island operates a full-fledged restaurant and bar, which serves continental and local dishes. The Restaurant boasts of freshly-baked bread from its kitchens, as well as organically-grown, freshly-harvested vegetables on its menu. The lake is famous for its crayfish, a local delicacy.

Activities include nature walks, birding, canoe trips and swimming.

Accommodation on Ha’buharo Island features self-contained, family-size tents, as well as cottages, furnished with hot showers and flush toilets.

Safari Tents
Single US$75- bed & breakfast
Double US$140- bed & breakfast
Triple US$250- bed & breakfast
Single US$100- full board
Double US$200- full board
Triple US300$- full board

Rate inclusive of boat transfer to and from Rotindo landing site.

Jajama Panorama: Tel. 0772 361434 or 0782 530620, email johnajeyes@yahoo.co.uk. Venue located on the opposite shore to the Rotindo landing site from where you can obtain a free boat transfer. Accommodation options include 3 standard cottages (not self-contained but with toilet and shower near-by), 3 standard self-contained cottages and 4 luxury self-contained cottages. There is a spacious dining room from which to enjoy the wonderful views of the lake.

Standard cottage - non self contained
Single occupancy non self contained cottage Ush40,000-, Double occupancy cottage Ushs60.000-.

Luxury cottage - self contained
Single occupancy cottage Ushs80,000-, Double occupancy cottage Ushs100,000- kig size beds
Double occupancy with 2 double beds

Self camping Ushs15,000- per person
Tent hire Ushs20,000- per persons

Jaspers Camp: Located on Itambira Island. Canoe transfers. Sign Posted from the Kabale junction to Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi Safaris Resort: Tel. 0486 231000, email: bunyonyi@utlonline.co.ug. Located on the Lake Bunyonyi waterfront. 6 cottages fully furnished and self-contained. Electricity and running water use of a central kitchen and dining room. Ideal for small groups and families. Currently the maximum capacity is 12 people sharing.

Self contained cottages - Single Ushs50,000, Double Ushs65,000- on a bed only basis.
Tents - Single Ushs30,000, Double Ushs40,000- on a bed only basis.

Nature's Prime Island: - Tel. 0486 426129, 0772 423215, email: naturesprimeisland@yahoo.co.uk. Formally Far Out Camp. Eco-tourism camp with accommodation provided in comfortable log cabins and walk in safari tents. Secure parking for those with their own vehicles, Only a 3 minute motor boat transfer to the island from Rotindo landing site.

Safari Tent US$35- per person Bed & Breakfast
Log Cabin US$35- per person Bed & Breakfast
Full board arrangements also available

Lake Bunyonyi
Lake Bunyonyi

Sharp's Island - Njuyera Island Camp: Tel. 0772 524139 email: kdwd@infocom.co.ug. The island provides a beautifully secluded location close to Bushara Island. Accommodation is provided in furnished walk-in safari tents and self-contained rooms. It is also possible to camp with your own equipment. Motorised boat and canoe transfers take between 15 and 40 minutes.

Furnished Safari Tents and rooms: Single US$22-, double US$40-, triple US$50-, Quadruple US$60-.
Self camping US$5- per person.

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