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Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda



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All National Park tariffs indicated below are effective 01 January 2009 through 30th June 2010
UWA New tariffs document Jan 2009 - June 2010 (148KB)Adobe Acrobat Document

 Visitor Entrance Fees  Non-Resident  Foreign Resident  East Africans
 Class - Category A  Visitation Fees US$  Visitation Fees US$  Visitation Fees Ush
 Adult  1 day/night - $30-  1 day/night - $20-  1 day/night - Ush5,000-
 Child (5-15 years)  1 day/night - $15-  1 day/night - $10-  1 day/night - Ush2,500-
 Child (0-5 years)  Free  Free  Free
Foreign Students with valid international identity cards are allowed 25% on entrance fees.
One days entrance is valid for twenty-four hours from the time of entrance.
All visitors will be required to produce valid ID's in order to determine their resident status.

 Vehicle Entrance Fees  Foreign Registered  Uganda Registered
 Motor Cycles  US$30-  Ushs10,000-
 Saloon cars  US$50-  Ushs20,000-
 Mini buses (private)  US$50-  Ushs30,000-
 Pick-ups & 4-WD (private)  US$50-  Ushs30,000-
 Tour Company vehicles  US$100-  Ushs40,000-
 Buses, lorries plus 2 tonnes  US$150-  Ushs150,000-
Vehicle Entrance is paid only once per visit

 Camping Fees  Camping sites
 Wilderness Campsite US$210- minimum charge per campsite per night, above 7 people  each pays US$20- per person per night
 Category A site (Exclusive)
 Maximum 20 persons
 Requires advance booking
 Minimum charge per campsite per night US$240- for 12 people. Above 12 persons each pays USD15- per night
 Category B site (Public)  Ush15,000- per person per night
Category B camp sites include a pit latrine, firewood, rubbish pit, water, fireplace and a thatched shelter.

 Rwonyo Tented Camp  Single  Double
   Ush30,000-  Ush40,000-

 Rwonyo Rest Camp Banda's  Single  Double  Triple  Extra Bed
 Category B 
 Ushs10,000-  Ushs15,000-  Ushs30,000-  Ushs5,000-

 Hostel (Rwonyo)  Dormitory - style accommodation
   Ushs10,000- per person per night

 Game drive Ranger / Guide
 fees per vehicle
 Day Drives  Night drive 19.00 - 23.00
   US$20- per vehicle  US$15- per person

  Guided Nature Walks
 Foreign Resident  East Africans
 Up to 4 hours  US$10-  US$10-  Ushs5,000-
 Over 4 hours  US$15-  US$15-  Ushs10,000-
Fees are per person.
 Boat Trip  FNR/FR  East Africans
 Maximum 8 persons  US$10- per person per trip  Ush5,000- per person per trip

 Sport Fishing Permit  Day Permit  Extra Day
   US$15- per person  US$10- per person
Children below 12 years of age can do sport fishing free.

Commercial Filming Fees:
Commercial filming in this Category 'A' Protected Area is US$200- per person per day plus a refundable fee of US$1,000- when you provide UWA a copy of the film.
Accident fee for killing animals US$500-.

The fine for those caught driving off track without permission will be fined US$150-.
Over speeding fines Ushs100,000- per offence.
Accident fee for killing animals US$500-.

Getting there and away:
Situated between Masaka and Mbarara in Western Uganda.The park is bounded to the north by the main Kampala-Mbarara road. From Kampala it is 230km (4 hours) to the Park headquarters and rest camp at Rwonyo. The left turn to the Park is signposted at 211km from Kampala. You will enter the park through Nshara gate.

From Mbarara it is 47km to the Park Headquarters. The right turn to the park is at Sanga. The park gate is at Rweshebeshebe, 12km from Sanga. A 4-wheeled drive is recommended where you will arrive at Sanga gate.

Access by public transport would mean alighting a public bus bound from Kampala or Mbarara at Sanga. Here transport to the main gate is limited and may mean a considerable wait.

Forested lakeshore

Accommodation is available at park headquarters at Rwonyo, where banda's are available for single or double occupancy. Basic meals are available at the Lakeside restaurant some 1 km away. Hurricane lamp lighting and warm water bucket bathing are provided. Sodas and beers are normaly available but with few visitors to the park there is frequently no stock.

Camping is possible in and around the banda's, however those with their own vehicles may prefer to camp at the campsite adjacent to the Education Center. There are 3 additional campsites off the Lakeside track. They are rarely used and plagued by insects and mosquitos after dark. You will need to be totally self contained to camp here. Bore hole water is only available at Rwonyo. Jerry cans can be provided for those using any of the campsites. Treat or boil the water if you plan to drink it.

Mantana Safaris: Tel. 041 320152, 321552, (0)772 525736 +256 (0)772 401391, email: mantana@africaonline.co.ug. An exclusive tented camp within the National Park with vantage over the game filled plains below the camp. Full board packages 2011 - Foreign Non Residents US$290- single, US$400- double.

Mihingo Lodge: Tel. 0752 410509, 0759 988866, email. reservations@mihingolodge.com, www.mihingolodge.com. Opened January 2007 on the border of the park. Upmarket tented camp built on a rock outcrop with stunning 360 degree views. The lodge also has a swimming pool in which to refresh after the days activities. You may enjoy a massage after a day of activities that could include a game drive, walking safari or even a horse back safari. The lodge has it's own stable with five horses and four Ethiopian ponies where both novice and experienced riders have excellent opportunity under the guidance of an experienced syce to enjoy the wildlife around the lodge.

The lodge has initiated the Mihingo Conservation and Community Development Foundation with the aim to improve the living conditions of the surrounding communities and improve conservation efforts on the eastern side of Lake Mburo National Park.

Off shoots from MCCDF are a Leopard monitoring project, Honey making initiative and a Handicrafts project. More details are available from the Mihngo Lodge website.

The lodge is accessed through Nshara gate ( the firts access gate when approching Lake Mburo from Kampala. After 2km turn sharp left onto Ruroko Track. Follow this track and then follow the signs to Mihingo lodge. After 6 km you will enter open grasslands in a valley, slightly to the right ahead of you is Mihingo Lodge situated on top of a Rock Formation. Continue to follow the signs to Mihingo Lodge.

Full board packages 2010
Residents Ushs320,000- single, Ushs440,000- double
Foreign Non Residents US$360- single, US$500- double.

Accommodation in region


Sky Blue Motel - Tel. 0772 405794, 0772 487559, email. info@skybluehotels.com. This 14 room motel has a prime location located just outside of town on the Lyantonde to Mbarara road. The motel is within the boundaries of Lake Mburo National Park although some 45 minutes from the park entrance gate. Restaurant serving both local and international cuisine with well stocked bar open non motel residents.

Single room US$30- B&B
Double/Twin room US$50- B&B

Lake Mburo NP is the only Ugandan National Park to contain an entire lake. Situated in rolling hills and open grassy valleys the park also consists of four other smaller lakes. The land area of the park is compossed of open and wooded accacia savannah. The park size including the lakes is 256 sqkm.

Best time to Visit:
Lake Mburo National Park lies in a rain shadow between Lake Victoria and the Ruwenzori Mountains, an average of only 800mm of rain a year falls per year. The long rains occurring from February to June, and the short rains from September to December. Most rain tends to fall in April and November. July and August are the hottest months.

Much of the land area of the park is acacia tree savannah. The park is home to the largest diversity of both plant and wildlife of all Uganda's national parks. The park is home to herds of Impala, as well as the more uncommon Topi, Eland, and Klipspringer. Burchells Zebra and buffalo also graze these areas. Hippo is very common in the lake where they may be observed from several vantages along the Lakeside Track.

Little Egrets perched

Much of Lake Mburo is surrounded by giant sedge cyperus papyrus reeds. This is home to the Papyrus Gonolek. To see this bird consider organising a boat trip. Of 357 bird species recorded some of these include both water, acacia and savannah birds like crested crane, the very rare shoebill stork, marabou stork and bronze-tailed starling, bee eaters and even more exotic birds like Blue Naped Coucal, Bare-faced Go-Away Bird, Nubian Woodpecker and Swamp Flycatchers. Pennant Winged Night Jar is often seen during it's migratory period at the Education Center campsite at dusk.

Other Attractions:
Exploring Lake Mburo on a walking safari is a very popular activity and an interesting option for those without their own vehicles. The benefits of taking a ranger will add value to the experience, not least because buffalo are numerous in the park where care should be taken to avoid them when on foot. Hyenas are often spotted in the early morning whilst the more common antelope and even hippo can be observed. The Kazuma Hill look out point provides probably the best vantage point to view the rolling hills and grassed valleys and also to see some of the 14 lakes that make up the land mass and surrounding area of the park.

Lake Mburo

The excursion on Lake Mburo in the National Parks motorised boat organised through the wardens office at Rwonyo is a highly recommended 2 hour trip. Be on the look out for African Finfoot.

There are several well maintained game drive tracks in the park. During the rain season black cotton soil is a problem in some areas of the park and you can become horribly stuck when unaware.

African ATV (Quad Bikes) Safaris has started operations in 2008 within Lake Mburo N.P. On offer are a 2 or 4 hour guided game viewing safari using ATV's. For bookings Tel: +256 (0) 776 377186/7. Africa ATV is located just off the Zebra track close to the Kimbla-Mantana Tented Camp.

Safaris run twice a day for small groups of a maximum 5 persons accompanied by a ranger and a guide. The ATV's used have been selected for their ease of operation and quite running. Trips are slow and leisurely allowing you to view the wildlife safely.

Pricing 2010:
ELAND TRACK ATV SAFARI (2 hours + training/practice/briefing) USD75-
ANKOLE TRAIL (3 hours +) USD95-
Payment can also be made in US$, GBPounds. Euro and Kenyan Shilling.

Quad Biking in Lake Mburo NP

Recommended Reading:
Lake Mburo National Park Guide book available at the UTB Tourist Office in Kampala and possibly at the gates to the park.

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