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Masaka, Uganda


Masaka Map


Masaka-Kampala 137 km, 1,5 hours
Masaka-Mutukulu 88 km
Masaka Mbarara 145 km

Getting there and away:
Public buses travelling west to Mbarara, Kabale and Kasese run every morning via Masaka from the Kampala bus park. The post bus service to Kabale also stops in Masaka. Minibus taxis run all day from the taxi parks in Kampala as they do from Mbarara to the town.

The TOTAL filling station 6 km from Masaka when approaching from Kampala is where the road forks to bypass Masaka town if continuing to the west of Uganda. The Highway Take Away and Restaurant next to the TOTAL is very clean, fast and has a varied menu including a traditional Ugandan buffet lunch. It is a popular rest stop for those traveling west or returning to Kampala.

From Mutukulu (Tanzania border) transport is infrequent other than on top of a truck. From Kyotera on the Bukoba Rd minibus taxis run through to Masaka when full.

A public bus runs to Kalangala on the Ssese Islands from the Kampala bus park on the Sunday morning only. Buses departs Masaka for Kalangala usually around 14.00 daily to connect with the 16.00 hours ferry.

Masaka Town

Masaka tends to be another of those Ugandan towns that people pass through en-route to somewhere else more interesting. In the case of Masaka visitors are either traveling west to Kabale/Kisoro or northwest to Kasese, en-route to Bukoba Tanzania or closer to home to Lake Nabagabo or the Ssese Islands via Bukakata. Read relevant documents for information on the afore mentioned locations.


Tropical Inn Hotel: Tel. (0)481 432687, (0)481 420143, (0)382 275667, email: tropicinn@tropicinnhotel.com. This former Uganda Government hotel has seen extensive renovation during 2007 due for completion before the end of the year. The hotel boasts some lavishly furnished large rooms including a huge Presidential Suite. This is the only hotel in Masaka with a swimming pool set in large landscaped gardens.

Twin Bedroom Single occupancy: US$45-, Double occupancy: US$55-
Deluxe Bedroom Single occupancy: US$50-, Double occupancy: US$60-
Suite Single occupancy: US$80-, Double occupancy: US$80-
Presidential Suite Single occupancy: US$150-, Double occupancy: US$150-
All rooms self contained, rate includes breakfast.

Brovad Hotel: Tel. +256 (0)481 421455/420252, Fax (0)481 420997, (0)772 390589,
email: hotelbrovad@utlonline.co.ug. 125 room hotel close to The Laston Hotel off the main road into Masaka from Nyendo stage. This is Masaka's upmarket venue and well signposted. Restaurant and bar.

Single: Ushs46,000-, Double/Twin: Ushs82,000-, Executive: Ushs102,000-.
All rooms self contained, rate includes breakfast.

Maria Flo Hotel: Tel. Mobile +256 (0)752 800329, email:mariaflohotel@gmail.com, mariaflo_hotel@yahoo.com. Newley opened July 2006. Located directly opposite the Lanston Palm. 25 fresh clean large rooms, all self-contained. Dining area and TV lounge with DSTV. WIFI available. 5 on site conferencing facilities and a large secure parking area.

Standard Single Ushs51,000-
Standard Double room Ushs65,000-
Executive Twin rooms Ushs120,000-
Executive Double rooms Ushs140,000-

Room rate includes breakfast.

Hotel Zebra: Tel. +256 (0)481 420936, Mobile (0)782 863725, (0)772 425658, email: hotelzebra2005@yahoo.com. The hotel is located on Baine Terrace Road which is off the road that leads up past the post office in the centre of town. 50 rooms all self-contained, with TV. The bar and restaurant are separete, there is a coffee terrace on the front of the hotel with views over the surrounding countryside. A traditional Ugandan buffet lunch is prepared on Sunday's whilst both local and international dishes are served from the menu. Internet facilities are available for hotel residents.

Rates 2011
Single US$20-
Double US$40-
Twin US$40-
Triple US60-
Family suites US$80-
Deluxe Executive US$60-

Rate includes breakfast and local government hotel tax.

Lanston Palm Hotel: Tel. Mobile +256 (0)782 355345. Located on Mutuba Avenue 500m from the bus park and well sign posted off the main road. Hot water, clean and friendly.

Singles: Ushs20,000- non-self-contained, Single self-contained Ushs30,000-.
Twin Ushs40,000-, Double Ushs50,000-, self contained with either shower or bath. Room rates include breakfast.

Masaka Tourist Cottage & Campsite: Tel. +256 (0)752 619389, email: masakabackpackers@yahoo.com. Located 4 kms from town on the Bukoba Rd. This is a recommended stop over for travelers traveling to or from the Mutukulu border post. Mini bus taxi's depart from the Taxi Park in Masaka town proceeding to Kyotera. Get out at signpost on left side and walk 400m up the track on the opposite side of the road. Shared taxi fare Ushs1,000- or private hire taxi Ushs10,000-. Set overlooking banana plantations and wetlands. Secure, bar and restaurant, cooking facilities, showers and clean toilets.

Rates 2012
Self camping: Ushs10,000-, Dormitory Ushs16,000-, Single
Room Ushs25,000-, Double Room Ushs45,000-Tent rental Ushs3,000-.

Hotels in central downtown location

Executive Inn: Tel: 0772518709

Double self-contained Ushs21,000-, Twin Ushs16,000, Single self-contained Ushs16,000-
Single self-contained Ushs17,0000- with TV, Single non self-contained Ushs11,000-.

Bed only arrangement.

Vienna Guesthouse: Location Hobert Street Tel: 0782457450, 46 rooms.

Single self-contained Ushs16,000, Double Ushs21,000-, Double/Twin executive Ushs31,000-.

Bed and breakfast arrangement.

Buddo Guesthouse: Tel: 0772482579, 0772590989. Double self-contained Ushs30,000- Single self contained Ushs20,000- Single Ushs15,000-.

Hotel Lanova: Tel: 0777698905, 0771697053, Plot 12 Hobert Avenue

Single self-contained Ushs26,000-, Double/Twin self-contained Ushs40,000-.

Bed and breakfast arrangement.

Nandys Guesthouse: Tel: 075612564, 0715111967 email: maggiekande@yahoo.com. Location Bwala Hill Plot 45.

Single US$30-, Double US$40-, Twin US$55- Twin Excecutive US$70-.

All rooms self contained. Bed and breakfast arrangement.

There are now several Internet facilities in Masaka town that include:
Masaka Internet Services, opposite the Taxi Park - a favourite for travellers, Multipoint Communications and Computer Images located on Laston building in the town centre.

Main street Masaka Town

Accommodation and attractions nearby:

Naba Jjuzi Wetland: This eco-tourism site supported by Nature Uganda is located on the junction of the Masaka-Mbarara Road 2 kms west of Masaka town. Ir is widely regarded as a prime spot to view both the very rare Shoebill stork and the elusive Sitatunga antelope. A large covered platform stands high above the papyrus swamp providing excellent vantage. A spotting scope is availble for visitors to utilise to view the birds or antelope should they be visible. The resident guide has recorded shoebill sightings of up to 3 birds on this territory at the same time. There is an entrance fee of Ushs2,000- for foreign visitors and Ushs1000- for Ugandan visitors.

Lake Nabugabo: At the popular Lake Nabugabo 16 kms from Masaka there are several places to spend a couple of days relaxing. Matatus and pick up trucks leave from Nyondo about 2 kms from Masaka town in the direction of Kampala. You can get here by bodaboda or minibus taxi. This is the main Bukakata Rd and vehicles depart when full. You will still need to walk about 4 kms from the signpost where the transport drops you. Traffic is scarce and walking will almost certainly be quicker.

Nabugabo Holiday and Conference Centre: Tel. +256(0)481 432407, (0)772 433332, email: info@nabugabo.com. The establishment is very well sign posted off the Kampala - Masaka road. The prefered route is indicated some 10 km from Masaka with 14km on marrum track to the centre.
Recently renovated self-contained cottages now under the management of Namirembe Guesthouse of Kampala. There is a large campground and restaurant serving original 'African Cuisine'. The closeness of Lake Nabugabo to Kampala makes it popular at weekends with visitors. Activities include boat trips, bird watching, nature walks and nature walks. Full board rates available.

There is an entance fee for day vistors weekdays Ushs2,000- and weekends Ushs3,000-.

Self-contained cottages Single US$20-, Double US$35-, Twin bedded US$35-, Family room US$17 pp
Camping: 1 person US$7-, 2 persons US$11
Entrance fee for day visitors US$2- (weekdays), US$3- (weekends)
Vehicle transfers to Masaka or Bukakata arranged on prior request.
Rates are for accommodation only but do include VAT and local hotel tax.

Sand Beach Nabugabo: Tel. 0772 416047, located 1 km from Nabugabo Holiday and Conference Centre.

Single room Ushs19,000-, Double rooms Ush 24,000-, Camping Ushs5,000-
Entrance fee Ushs500-

Mpanga Forest Reserve:
Closer to Kampala (39 kms) than to Masaka located near Mpigi is the Mpanga Forest Reserve. Read document on Mpanga Forest for detailed information.

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