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Masindi, Uganda



Kampala-Masindi 213 kms, 3 hours
Hoima-Masindi 56 kms, 1 hour

Visitors to Masindi usually come here en-route to Murchison Falls National Park and to visit the Budongo Forest community projects at Busingiro and Kanyio Pabidi. Masindi provides a welcome break to get last minute supplies, tank up with fuel if your with your own vehicle and to take a drink before proceeding.

There is a lively market in the center of town, fresh bread is available in many of the shops and the daily newspapers are on sale. There are a number of supermarkets in town. Lucky 7 is the biggest, Mrs Watts General Agency is well-known with a wide selection of goods located opposite the market.

Celtel, MTN Uganda and Uganda Telecom have Masindi on there mobile network. There are MTN Publicom telephones to be found around town.

Street scene - Masindi
Street scene - Masindi

Getting there and away:
From Kampala the main road to Gulu has been resurfaced over much of the distance. Travel times to Masindi have been drastically reduced due to the improved road surface. The route passes through Bombo and Luwero where Masindi is signposted at Kafu (obvious by lots of hawkers wearing blue jackets and selling chicken and meat sticks). This is the first of 3 access routes off the Gulu Rd that proceed to Masindi. The road was raised after El Nino floods in 1998 and there has been little flooding since then. The occasional stuck lorries can be a problem but it is almost always OK and heavily used. It is the accepted main route into Masindi. This road is in the process of being paved late 2006/2007. The route to Masindi known as the Masindi Port road has now become the preferred route to the town.

The second route opposite the junction for Masindi Port is a dry weather road also. The Masindi Port road was raised in the swamp area and so is less likely to flood. It is a very pleasant drive and as it is less used the surface is better than the Kafu road.

If you find these roads closed proceed to Kigumba and turn left there. If you had planned to stop in Masindi only for fuel then purchase fuel in Kigumba as this road passes the junction to Murchison Falls National Park saving you time by no longer needing to proceed to Masindi town. The junction to the park is 4 km from Masindi town.

For those relying on Public transport there are mini bus taxis that depart from the New Taxi Park in Kampala throughout the day. The Post Bus also makes this journey, as does the public bus. Mini bus taxis depart from the taxi park in Masindi to Kampala/Hoima when full. Transport to Wanseko/Lake Albert is erratic. Transport to Parra/Kanyio Pabidi is non-existent. You will need to hitch ideally from the junction to the park 4 kms from town on the road to Kigumba.

Bus Fares
Kampala – Masindi Ushs12,000-
Masindi – Hoima Ushs4,000-
Masindi – Kigumba Ushs3,000 – Ushs4,000-
Kigumba – Arua Ushs20,000-
Kampala – Arua Ushs25,000-

Tailor - Masindi
Pontoon ferry at Masindi Port - The ferry is a short cut to Lira


Alinda Guest House: Tel. 0772 520382, 0872 640100, 0392 813901, 0753 930930, email: alindamasindi@yahoo.co.uk. Covieniently located at Plot 86 on Masindi Port road in Masindi Town. 37 rooms, available, bar and restuarant.

Single Non self contained Ushs15,000
Double Non self contained Ushs18,000
Single self contained Ushs20,000
Twin Ushs20,000
Triple Ushs25,000
Double self contained Ushs30,000
Double self contained rooms with DSTV Ushs40,000

Hotel Victory Bijja: Tel: +256 0465 420291, 0772 978438, email: hvb_masindi@yahoo.co.uk. The hotel is located on Ntuha road some 1,5kms from the town centre in a quite area of town in pleasent surroundings. When coming from Kampala turn right at the Caltex garage and proceed past Kolping Guest House. Keep right as the road sweeps to the left and the Municipality offices and proceed a short distance to the hotel located on the left. The hotel has 23 self-contained rooms and 6 self-contained cottages in the gardens. The hotel has all the usual facilities yor would expect including large shady gardens and secure parking within the property.

Standard single Ushs50,000-
Twin bedded cottages Ushs50,000-
Executive twin rooms Ushs60,000-
Executive double rooms ushs55,000-

Kabalega Resort: Tel: +256 392 900900, 0712 522622, 0701 512622, email: info@kabalegaresort.com. The hotel is located 10 minutes from Masindi town and set in a spacious garden environment with a restaurant. The spacious rooms are fully equipped with a full private bathroom, a spectacular view of the gardens, satellite television, radio, fridge and wireless internet access.

Single Ushs65,000 – Ushs80,000 – per room
Double Ushs80,000 – Ushs100,000 - per room

Masindi Kolping Guest House: Tel 0465 420458. 0782- 394942, email: masskolping@yahoo.com.
Ntuha road 200 meters from town. 6 rooms, b
ar and resturant. Clean and very good value. Secure overnight parking.

Single rooms Ushs25,000-, double and twin rooms available from Ushs35,000- including breakfast.

Masindi Hotel: Tel +256 (0)465 20023, Mobile 0772 420130, Fax +256 (0)465 20501,
email: reservations@masindihotel.com. Located on the Butiaba Rd about 1 km from town. An historically important building in Masindi with lots of character. Recently renovated in 2005. Facilities include a bar and restaurant and quiet reading room. The hotel also has a large campsite in well maintained gardens behind the hotel with hot and cold water ablution facilities. Uganda Telecom Internet Hotspot on site.

Vehicle hire for excursions to Budongo Forest and Murchison Falls.

Rates 2012
Singles Ushs126,000-, Double/twin Ushs152,000- B&B
Camping is a possible in the gardens on the rear of the property
Lunch or Dinner Ushs25,000- per person

New Court View Hotel: Tel Mobile +256 (0)752 446463, +256 (0)772 799969, email: courtview@utlonline.co.ug. Located along the Butiaba Rd on the left when leaving town just prior to the turn off to Murchison Falls National Park. Restaurant and bar with accommodation in self contained bandas including breakfast and taxes.

Rates 2014
Singles Ushs80,000-, Doubles/Twins Ushs95,000-, Triple Ushs115,000-.

Buma Hotel: Tel. 0772 506668, 0772 419938. Opposite the main market. Bar and restaurant.

Rooms from Ushs8,000- to Ushs20,000-.

Karibuni Guest House: Tel. 0465 20443. 0772 801978. Again opposite the main market entrance. Popular with budget travellers.

Singles Ushs10,000-, Doubles Ushs20,000-

Street scene - Masindi
Street scene - Masindi

Eating, Drinking & Internet:
There is no shortage of small cheap good restaurants in town offering local food, consider trying Kika opposite the Caltex station. The Travellers' Corner Bar & Restaurant is a popular hang out for ex-pats and toursits stopping for a drink passing through town en-route to Murchison Falls or Lake Albert. There is a satellite/wireless Internet cafe at The Travellers Corner. Rates are Ushs100/- per minute.

Excursions from Masindi:
Read documents on Murchison Falls National Park, Budongo Forest (Busingiro / Kanyio Pabidi).

Both The New Court View Hotel and Masindi Hotel offer excursions to Budongo, Kanyio Pabidi, and Murchison Falls National Park.

For those proceeding to Murchison Falls without their own transport, there are a number of people now offering vehicle hire with driver. Contact Yebo Tours, New Court View Hotel through the Travellers Corner, or the Masindi Hotel.

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