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Mbarara, Uganda



Kampala - Mbarara 282 Kms 3 hours
Mbarara - Masaka 145 kms 1 1/2 hours
Mbarara - Kabale 144 kms 2 1/2 hours
Mbarara - Lake Mburo National Park 45 kms
Mbarara - Kasese 153 kms 2 1/2 hours

Mbarara is a large University town located in the west of Uganda and is usually traversed by the majority of visitors to the country in the mere blink of the eye. Few visitors seam to stop in this the Kingdom of the Ankole people other than for fuel for the vehicle or if travelling by bus to change buses when heading from Kabale to Fort Portal or vise versa. On arrival from the east (Kampala) visitors are confronted by a statue in the traffic circle of a long horned Ankole cow before entering the high street. Mbarara is an important cross roads where the road splits some 2 kms west of the town centre to take you in the direction of either Kabale (south west) or Kasese (north west).

Street scene - Mbarara
Street scene - Mbarara

Getting there and away:
An armada of buses and minibus taxis transit Mbarara daily heading to and from Kampala and locations in the west of Uganda, Rwanda and
Burundi. Fares increase over holiday periods. The Uganda Post Bus also runs through the town en-route to both Kasese and Kabale. Bus services from Kampala are operated by raft of bus companies leaving Kampala from the main bus park between the Old and New Taxi Parks.
Honest Bus Services 4 buses a day departures at 8am, 11am Ushs8,000-/10,000-
Endigyito Bus - 4 buses a day departures at 9am,11am,2pm,4pm Ushs8,000–/10,000-
Horizon Coaches - 20 buses a day departures every two hours Ushs8,000–/10,000-
Swift Safaris - 9 buses a day departures at least every two hours Ushs8,000–/15,000-
GASO Bus - from Kampala on Tuesday,Thursday,Saturday at 2:00 am continuing to Burundi
This same fleet of buses transits Mbarara en-route to Kampala. Mbarara - Kampala fares are the same.

Approach to Mbarara Town

There is no shortage of hotels in town and on the approach to the town.

The Lake View Hotel: Tel +256 (0)485 422112 , email: lakeviewresorthotel@gmail.com. Frequented often by tour operators for their clients lunches and the preferred location for night stops when visiting Lake Mburo National Park some 45 kms to the east. This large modern multi storied hotel set in it's own gardens and as the name suggests overlooks it's own small lake. The hotel is located on the junction to Kasese 2 kms from the town centre.
Room rates include breakfast

Main Wing
Deluxe Single - US$60-, Deluxe Twin Room - US$70-, Deluxe Double - US$70-, Family Room - USD140-
Executive Suite - US$120-

Executive Wing
Superior Deluxe - US$100-. Superior Twin US$175-, Family Room US$350-, Executive Suite - US$250-, Presidential Suite - US$500-

Agip Motel: Tel 0485 421615, email reservations@agipmotelmbarara.com. Strategically located on the appraoch to Mbarara town when coming from Kampala. A very popular hotel for travellers proceeding to the National Parks of Western Uganda. The hotel is also frequented by visitors to the nearby Lake Mburo National Park. Excellent buffet lunch. Secure parking and small garden. All rooms are self-contained. The hotel has a small campsite.

Single US$55-, Double US$80-, Executive suite 1 person US$-120-,, Executive suite 2 people US$-120-, Extra bed in room US$35-.
Rates include breakfast and local government taxes.

Hotel Classic: Tel 0485 421131, 0772 497758, 0782 339981, email info@hotelclassicafrica.com. 26 room popular hotel centrally located at 57 High street.

Rates 2012
Single Ushs75,000-, Double Ushs85,000-, Twin Ushs85,000-, Suite deluxe Ushs100,000-.
Rates include bed and breakfast.

Pelikan Hotel: Tel: 0382 211656, email: pelikanmbra@yahoo.co.uk. Bananuka Drive. 87 rooms all self-contained.

Single Ushs35,000- to Ushs20,000-, Double Ushs40,000-, Suite Ushs75,000-.
Rates include bed and breakfast

Oxford Inn: Tel. 0382 271737, 0772 546538, email: kamupat@yahoo.com. Plot 12/Bananuka drive next to Pelikan hotel (behind the post office). 25 rooms all self-contained.

Single Ushs40,000-, Double Ushs50,000-, Deluxe standard Ushs60,000-, Deluxe executive Ushs70,000-Suites Ushs90,000-. Rates include bed and breakfast.

Fort Coleb Rest House: Tel. 0485 420892 0775 860273. 1 km from the town centre on Kamugungunu Hill Drive close to Ntare School. 6 rooms. Accommodation Ushs45,000- per room. Secure campsite available.

Riheka Guest House: Tel: 0485 421314. Muti drive. 16 rooms all self contained.

Single Ushs25,000-, Double Ushs50,000-, Twins Ushs50,000-, Suites Ushs70,000-. Rates include bed and breakfast.

University Inn: Tel. 0485 420334, 0772 485148. Plot 9, Kabale road. 20 rooms.

Single Ushs30,000-, Double Ushs60,000-, Twins Ushs60,000-, Suite Ushs80,000-.
Rates include bed and breakfast.

Hotel Canan: Tel. 0772 659841. 38 rooms.

Single Ushs20,000- self-contained, Single Ushs18,000- non self-contained,
Double Ushs20,000- self-contained, Double Ushs15,000- non self-contained,
Twins Ushs35,000- self-contained, Twins Ushs30,000- non self-contained.
Deluxe double Ushs35,000- selfcontained
Rates include bed and breakfast.

Akaanya Hotel: Tel. 0751 392937, 0772 874643. Plot 25 Masaka road opposite URA offices. 35 rooms.

Single self-contained Ushs20,000-/25,000-, Single non self-contained Ushs10,000-,
Double self-contained Ushs20,000/25,000,
Twins self-contained Ushs25,000-, Twins non self-contained Ushs15,000-.
Accommodation on a bed only basis.

Bena Guest House: Tel. 0782 574827, 0772 610131. Masaka road. 15 rooms all self-contained.

Single Ushs30,000-, Double/Twins Ushs40,000-. Rates include bed and breakfast.

Ruhinda Exotic Hotel: Tel: 0485 422559, 0774 593692, 0772 443787. Kakoba road opposite Mbarara Secondary School. 28 rooms.

Single Ushs 15,000-, Double Ushs25,000- self-contained
Rates include bed and breakfast.

Full Stop Guest House: Tel. 0772 681435. Ntale road. 15 rooms.

Self-contained Ushs20,000-, Ushs30,000- and Ushs35,000-, Non self-contained Ushs18,000-.

Hotel Parth: Tel: 0485 421210. Plot 7 Johnson street opposite Boma grounds. 13 rooms all self-contained.

Single Ushs16,000-, Double Ushs22,000-, Twins Ushs30,000-. Bed only arrangement.

Baguma Hotel: Tel. 0772 401450, 038 2271606, 0382 271507. Masaka road. 23 rooms.

Single Ushs26,000- self-contained, Single Ushs16,000- non self-contained
Double Ushs36,000-, Double non self contained Ushs21,000-. Accommodation on a bed only basis.

Grand Hoilday Hotel: Tel. 0772 425756, 0775 039650. Ndahendekire Road. 16 rooms.

Single Ushs11,000- non self-contained, Single Ushs35,000- non self contained, Double Ushs35,000- non self-contained, Double Ushs40,000- self-contained. Rates include bed and breakfast and prices are negotiable.

4N Hotel: Tel: 0485 421893. Mbaguta street. 16 rooms

Single Ushs10,000-, Double Ushs15,000-, Twins Ushs15,000- all non self contained.
Bed only arrangement

Silver Inn: Tel. 0772 633533. Makhagnisng street. 10 rooms all non self-contained.

Single Ushs 8,000-, Double Ushs10,000- non self contained. Accommodationon a bed only basis.

Entry View Guest House: Tel. 0782 587087, 0752 614390. Located opposite the round about with the statue of the Ankole cow. 12 rooms all non self-contained

Single Ushs6,000-, Double Ushs10,000-
Accommodation on a bed only basis.

Paragon Hotel and Lodging: Tel. 0772 463680. Rwebukonge road. All rooms non self-contained.

Single Ushs6,000-, Double Ushs8,000-. Accommodation on a bed only basis.

Outside Mbarara:
Rwizi Arch Hotel: Tel 0485 421173, 0772 838208, email: rwiziarchhotel@gmail.com. Located on the junction to QE2 National Park and the Kampala - Kabale road some 1 km from Mbarara town centre. This is a modern 32 room hotel with all the expected facilities.

Single Ushs64,000-, Double Ushs75,000-, Twins Ushs70,000-
Rates include bed and breakfast

KARO's Country Club: Tel. 0772 502978, 0782 434269. Ruharo - Mbarara road. 15 rooms and 6 cottages

Cottages Ushs50,000-
Single/Double Ushs30,000, Twins Ushs30,000
Rates include bed and breakfast

Pan Africa Hotel: Located 40 kms west of Mbarara en-route to Kabale. This is a very useful lunch stop for those travelling to Kabale.

Uganda Lodge: Tel. +256 (0)752 536197, (0)752 507555, email ann@ugandalodge.com. Set amongst the rolling hills of SW Uganda, about 40kms past Mbarara and very close the main road, Uganda Lodge is ideally suited for travellers looking to rest awhile, on their way to Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo or on safari to see the Mountain Gorillas. Volunteering opportunites within the local community are available for those seeking such placements.

Uganda Lodge has several single and twin rooms, some with private shower or washing facilities. There are also four separate African style Bandas, again with private washing facilities. Set amongst the grounds of Uganda Lodge, away from the main buildings, there is a barbeque area and a small camping site for those bringing their own tents. There is a small restaurant and bar where you may enjoy a wholesome meal and genuine local hospitality.

Single room Ushs15,000-
Twin room Ushs25,000-
Camping Ushs5,000- per person
Rates do not include brealfast which is available for Ushs5,000-

The venue are working in close co-operation with The Ruhanga Community Development Network who are very much in need of guidance and training from outside volunteers, both short and longer term. More details at www.ugandanetwork.org.

Pelican Beach Campsite: 75 kms west of Mbarara en-route Kabale. The camping site is sign posted on the right side of the main road in a rural area.

Hawker at bus station
Hawker at bus station

Internet cafe: Indeed Mbarara is on the Internet super highway. The Source cafe of Jinja fame has a satellite venue on the high street above the Ankole cow statue.
Mon Pearl Internet café is located on the High street in the post office building, Byamaka Investments – Kakoba road (Internet café and secretarial Bureau) and Jm Computer Services is also on the High street. All charge Ushs50- per minute.

Entertainment and Night Clubs:
Vision Empire is located on Banaunka Drive. The venue is a Discotheque/Health club with a sauna, steambath, and massage. Wednesday is ladies night. Friday, Saturday, Sunday open from 7pm till dawn
Entrance fees
Upstairs lounge – Ushs7,000/9,000-, Down stairs lounge - Ushs3,000/5,000-.

Another Life is located on Bananuka Drive next door to Vision Empire. Tuesday is Karioke night, Friday, Saturday and Sunday disco starting at 7pm. Entrance fee Ushs3,000/5,000-.

Sliders Night Club. Saturday is Karioke night, entrance fee Ushs1,000-.

Lake View Hotel. Friday corperate night, entrance free.

Kentucky Gardens. Saturday is corperate night, entrance free

Mechanical Emergencies:
No shortage of 'mango tree mechanics' in town especially along the approach road to town from Masaka.

Medical Emergencies:
Mbarara has it's own government hospital and an array private local small clinics.

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