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Uganda Political Past



A brief outline of Uganda's checkered and bloody past is highlighted below.

Independence from the United Kingdom: 9 October 1962. Milton Obote becomes the first president of Uganda.

Obote 1 Period: 1962-1971. Obote overthrown in a military takeover by Idi Armin.

The Armin Years: 1971-1979. Armin suspends political activity and embarks on a rule of intimidation and economic madness. 75,000 Asians resident in Uganda were forceably expelled in August 1972. 1976 Entebbe raid by Israeli commandos to free hostages on board an Air France 707. Armin's reign of terror finally came to an end with the invasion of Tanzanian forces in 1979.Arim flees to Libya and eventually Saudi Arabia.

Obote returns and wins a highly dubious election victory. Obote 2 Period: 1979-July 1985. Tribal atrocities committed in the Obote 2 era parallel that of the Armin years and eventually Obote was forced to flee and currently resides in Zambia.

Tito Okello assumed the presidency July 1985-Dec 1985 but Yoweri Museveni and the NRM (National Resistance Movement) force out Okello within 6 months and Museveni becomes president. Under Museveni Uganda has prospered to become a modern civilised country.

National Resistance Movement
National Resistance Movement

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