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Semliki Game Reserve, Uganda



Please note that there has been insecurity along the western border of Uganda with the DR Congo that has included the area of the Semliki Game Reserve. In Karangutu the reserve maintains a visitors office where advice can be sort about visits to the reserve and the current security situation.

Note also that Semliki National Park and Semliki Game Reserve should not be confused as being one and the same. The former Toro Game Reserve as marked on some maps was renamed The Semliki Game Reserve.

All National Park tariffs indicated below are effective 01 January 2009 through 30th June 2010
UWA New tariffs document Jan 2009 - June 2010 (148KB)Adobe Acrobat Document

 Visitor Entrance Fees  Non-Resident  Foreign Resident  East Africans
 Class - Category B  Visitation Fees US$  Visitation Fees US$  Visitation Fees Ush
 Adult  1 day/night - $25-  1 day/night - $20-  1 day/night - Ush3,000-
 Child (5-15 years)  1 day/night - $10-  1 day/night - $10-  1 day/night - Ush1,500-
 Child (0-5 years)  Free  Free  Free
Foreign Students with valid international identity cards are allowed 25% on entrance fees.
One days entrance is valid for twenty-four hours from the time of entrance.
All visitors will be required to produce valid ID's in order to determine their resident status.

 Vehicle Entrance Fees  Foreign Registered  Uganda Registered
 Motor Cycles  US$30-  Ushs10,000-
 Saloon cars  US$50-  Ushs20,000-
 Mini buses (private)  US$50-  Ushs30,000-
 Pick-ups & 4-WD (private)  US$50-  Ushs30,000-
 Tour Company vehicles  US$100-  Ushs40,000-
 Buses, lorries plus 2 tonnes  US$150-  Ushs150,000-
Vehicle Entrance is paid only once per visit. The Game Reserve maintains an office in the trading centre at Karugutu where park fees should be paid prior to leaving for the reserve.

  Guided Nature Walks  Non-Resident  Foreign Resident  East Africans
 Up to 4 hours  US$10-  US$10-  Ushs5,000-
 Over 4 hours  US$15-  US$15-  Ushs10,000-
Fees are per person.

 Game drive Ranger / Guide 
 Day Drives  Night drive 19.00 - 23.00
   US$20- per vehicle  US$15- per person

 Primate Walk  Non-Resident  Foreign Resident  East Africans
 Toro - Semliki  US$30-  US$20-  Ush20,000-

Commercial Filming Fees:
Commercial filming in this Category 'B' Protected Area is US$100- per person per day plus a refundable fee of US$1,000- when you provide UWA a copy of the film.

The fine for those caught driving off track without permission will be fined US$150-.
Over speeding fines Ushs100,000- per offence.
Accident fee for killing animals US$500-.

In the Western Rift Valley in Uganda between the Rwenzori Mountains and Lake Albert lies the Semliki Wildlife Reserve. Semliki is a reserve of dramatic contrasts with miles of acacia savannah dotted with borassus palms. The shimmering shores of Lake Albert and the steep green slopes of the foothills of the Rwenzori leading up the escarpment, border the reserve.

The route to Semliki Game Reserve
The route to Semliki Game Reserve

Fort Portal-Semliki Game Reserve 52 km 1.15hrs

Getting to Semliki Game Reserve is now much easier with the completion of the road upgrade between Fort Portal and Karugutu trading centre. There is now a direct bus between Kampala and Bundibugyo run by Kalita Executive. The bus travels via Fort Portal where the one way fare between Fort Portal and Bundibuygo is Ushs 5,000-. The bus departs Fort Portal around 15.00hrs returning from Bundibuygo daily at 07.00hrs. The bus will stop in the Karugutu trading centre at the junctiion to Semliki Game Reserve for those intent on visiting the park. Pick-up trucks ply the road between Karugutu and Ntoroko throughout the day departing when full.

Semliki Game Lodge:
The lodge offers the only accommodation in the reserve in a luxury tented camp aimed at up market clients. Private camping is not entertained. For reservations contact The Uganda Safari Company, tel: +256 (0)41 251182 or +256 (0)772 489497, Fax: +256 (0)41 344653, or email: info@wildplacesafrica.com, www.wildplacesafrica.com.

Lodge Rates 2009



Full board accommodation (all meals), including drinks (apart from specialty wines, spirits and champagne), game drives, walking safaris, local airstrip transfers, ranger guide fees.

Guests can choose to relax, either by the pool or in the main lodge, but there are also a number of activities the Lodge offers that includes:


BOAT TRIP on Lake Albert - Excellent opportunities to see the rare Shoebill Stork, shore birds, hippos, and the rift valley escarpment plunging into the lake. A longer day trip, which includes a visit to the remote and spectacular Nkusi Falls is also possible.

CHIMPANZEE TRACKING - Professionally guided nature walk tracking chimpanzees. US$15- per person

FISHING TRIPS Full Day Trip: US$240- (Maximum 3 pax)

Please note: Should you need the Semliki Safari Lodge vehicle to reach the lake we will charge $30 per person, minimum US$60- per trip.

NIGHT DRIVE A night game drive will take you in an open Land Rover equipped with a spotlight to explore the creatures of the night. You can see nocturnal species such as leopard, lion, spotted genets, white-tailed mongoose, eagle owls and spectacular nightjars. Semliki Lodge is the only place in Uganda that offers Night Game Drives.

FOREST WALK Guided nature walks in gallery forest where you can see primates, birds, butterflies and different species of plants. Over 40 Kms of walikng trails have been developed. Guests are invited to wake early and join our chimp researcher on his habituation work.

GUIDED WALKS US$10- per person. (With professional safari guide)

If you get stranded in this trading centre there is a small hotel where basic rooms are available.

Kazingo Trading Centre: The closet accommodation outside the park would be the Kamugha Guesthouse situated close to the Ruwenzori Mountains National Park in Kazingo. Kamugha guesthouse caters for tourists and travelers interested in native communities, customs and culture.

Accommodation: Ushs6,000-, Camping Ushs3,000-
Beds and mattresses (bring your own sleeping bag), camping in fenced compound, warm showers and laundry service. Hot traditional food, soft drinks, coffee and tea available.
Tp get there by public transport from Fort Portal board a matatu to the Kazingo Trading Center on the Bundibuygo road. Kamugha Guesthouse is a 5 minute walk from the trading center. Ask for directions at the RMNP outpost office at the center.

Semliki Valley Wildlife Reserve is home to a variety of wildlife - elephant, buffalo, hyena, bushbuck, waterbuck, reedbuck, duiker, Uganda Kob, forest hog, warthog, many types of monkeys. Included with Semliki National Park over 400 species of birds have been recorded.

Ntoroko Village:
At Ntoroko you can camp at the Police Post or in any one of several very basic hotels for a nominal amount. These hotels are catering for persons traveling to the DR Congo across Lake Albert from Ntoroko. You can get basic meals, cold drinks and beers in Ntoroko. Pick-up trucks ply the road between Karugutu and Ntoroko throughout the day departing when full. Be sure to of paid your park fees before leaving Karugutu at the Game Reserve office there.

Lake Albert - Ntoroko
Lake Albert - Ntoroko

At Ntoroko you can contract a local motorized fishing boat to take you on the lake to search for Shoebill Stork which nest in the area. The price is negotiable but expect to pay at least Ush 20,000- to Ush 30,000- for a couple of hours. Note that you will be within the reserve on such a trip so ensure your park permit is valid should you be approached by rangers.

Mechanical Emergencies:
There are no facilities in the park other than the lodge which would be able to offer only emergency assistance.

Medical Emergencies:
Semliki game Lodge operates a HF radio. There is an airstrip but flights are few and only when the lodge has clients. Naturally a charter can be arranged through anyone of the air charter operators in Entebbe. . Do not expect to find anything more than a very basic clinic if anything in Ntoroko. MTN mobile phones now work in Semliki Game Reserve.

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