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Soroti, Uganda



Soroti-Kampala 347 kms
Soroti-Lira 128 kms
Soroti-Moroto 171 kms
Soroti-Mbale 101 kms

Soroti is off the beaten track with visitors finding themselves either stuck here overnight because of a lack of onward transport or because it is conveniently on the way to and from Kidepo for those traveling via Moroto.

Soroti is also close to Lake Bisina where bird enthusiasts may visit in search of the Fox's Weaver, a Ugandan endemic. For those with the energy to climb the local attraction a striking rock outcrop known as the Soroti Rock that towers over the town they will be rewarded with views to Lake Kyoga. Attempt the trek to the peak before the heat of the day sets in.

Getting there:
There is a good tarmac road all the way to Soroti from the main Kampala - Kenya road via Tororo and Mbale. The road continuing to Lira is marrum and usually in fair to good condition. The road passes through areas of wetland swamp that can be tricky in periods of heavy rainfall. The road to Moroto is prone to serious mud where getting stuck can be expected in the rain season.

From Kampala both Gateway Bus and Trust Coaches have several buses a day that travel to Soroti. There is also the Post Bus that runs a daily service. Fares range between Ushs10,000– and Ushs15,000-. Buses start leaving Soroti for Kampala as early as 05.00am. Buses to Lira and Moroto pass through Soroti.

From Mbale there are sharred minibus taxis that depart from the old taxi park to Soroti. Fares range between Ushs4,000- and Ushs5,000-. If you wait along the Kumi Road near the clock tower or at the bus park in Mbale town you can join a bus bound from Kampala for Soroti and beyond. Services are every two hours with a greater frequency in the morning. The bus journey is faster that that of the sharred taxi as they make frequent stops for passengers and overloading is common place

Getting around Soroti

The most abundant form of transport is the bodaboda bicycle over short distances. Motorbike bodaboda cycles are used for longer journeys. By bicycle boda expect to pay between Ushs200- for short distance or Ushs600- or more for longer distances up to 2kms. By motorcycle boda these are faster and you can expect to pay from Ushs500- to Ushs1000- or more for long distances.


Soroti Hotel: Tel. 0454 561269, 61563. Serere Rd
This is the towns premiere hotel recently renovated 1km from town.
Self-contained doubles, twins Ushs50,000-
Rates include breakfast.

Garden Guest House: Tel. 0772 454471, 0782 150161, email: gardenguesthouse@yahoo.com
or the sake of confusion you will find Annex 1, 2 and 3 Garden Guest Houses in Soroti.

Annex 1, the main guest house located at Plot 11 Engwan road. You will find a well stocked bar, a restaurant serving local dishes and Internet services.
9 rooms Ushs25,000- including bed and breakfast.

Annex 2, located on Main street near the MTN offices. Self contained rooms, Ushs25,000- including bed and breakfast.

Annex 3, located along the Market street has 10 rooms none self contained, Ushs10,000- bed only.

The room rates are negotiable for long stays.

Golden Ark Hotel: Tel. 0454 561341, 561195, 0772 235038
Newly constructed in 2006 located along the Mbale - Soroti road. Construction is on going with expansion taking place. 20 rooms are currently available for guests. The hotel has spacious rooms all with DSTV, an Internet café, conference hall, bar and restaurant.

Deluxe single Ushs25,000-
Deluxe double Ushs30,000-
Executive rooms Ushs40,000-
Executive twins Ushs40,000-
King room Ushs50,000-
Family suite Ushs60,000-
All rates include bed and breakfast

Jose’ Martin Inn: Tel. 0772 331809, 0712 494217
ocated on Solot Avenue, regarded as having the best sports bar in town. Jireh Internet café is also on the premise with surfing rates of Ushs50- per minute.
13 rooms, none self-contained Ushs15,000- bed only basis.

Silent Night Inn: Tel. 0772 488261
Located next to Jose’ Martin on Solot avenue
7 rooms non self-contained all on a bed only basis.
Double Ushs15,000-
Single Ushs10,000-
Twin Ushs15,000-

Landmark Hotel: Tel. +256-454561301, +256-352275546, +256-352275545, email: landmarkhtl@yahoo.com. Located at Plot 29/31 Solot Avenue. Services include a bar and restaurant offering both international and local dishes, conference facilities, laundry services, Internet cafe, 32 self contained rooms with wireless Internet connectivity.
Deluxe room Ushs52,000-
Deluxe Twin room Ushs82,000-
Queen Ushs62,000-
All our rates include bed/breakfast and Local Hotel Tax.

Starlight Guest House: Tel. 0454 561486, 0772 971153, email: starlight@africaonline.co.ug
Plot 15, Oculoi road 1.5kms from soroti town along the Soroti - Lira road. Spacious and clean rooms.
14 rooms all self- contained.
Executive Ushs65,000-
Twin/double Ushs50,000-
Double/single Ushs40,000-
All rates include bed and breakfast

Soko Motel: Tel. 0772 491172
Located along Oculoi road with a bar and restaurant.
11 rooms with both self-contained and none self-contained rooms
Self-contained rooms Ushs30,000-
Non self-contained rooms twin Ushs25,000-
Non self-contained rooms single Ushs15,000-
All rates include bed and breakfast.

San Marino Guest House: Tel. 0774 074578, 0454 561817
1.5kms from Soroti town along the Lira road with a bar and restaurant.
5 rooms all self-contained
Single/double Ushs25,000-
Deluxe suite Ushs35,000-

Ted Wills Guest House: Tel. 0352 274278, 0712 083483, 0782 149593
2kms along the Soroti – Lira road, bar and restaurant and shuttle bus to transport guests to town.
21 rooms with both self-contained and none self-contained rooms
Self-contained rooms Ushs15,000-
None self-contained rooms Ushs10,000-
Accommodation on a bed only basis
There are 6 new self-contained cottages to be completed mid 2007.

Paxland Motel: Tel. 0772 896638, email: paxlandmotel@yahoo.co.uk
Plot 25/27, 2kms along the Soroti – Lira road. Newly opened with spacious rooms, Internet services, bar and restaurant, conferencing facilities.
15 rooms
Cottages Ushs20,000
Double rooms Ushs35,000- self contained
All rates include bed and breakfast

Soflvs Hotel: Tel. 0772 593444, email: enyobujose@yahoo.com
Located along Moroto road near the Soroti flying school.
18 rooms
Self-contained Ushs20,000-
Non self-contained Ushs15,000-

All Seasons Hotel: Tel. 0352 277191
Located 2kms long Moroto road
14 rooms
Self-contained Ushs25,000-
Non self-contaied Ushs15,000-
Rates include bed and breakfast

Eneku Village:
5kms from Soroti town off the Moroto road
Self-contained Ushs25,000-
Non self-contained Ushs15,000-
Double Ushs30,000-
Twins Ushs30,000-
Rates include bed and breakfast

Internet cafés

Several hotels and guest houses in town have introduced internet cafes onto their premises. These include Golden Ark, Garden Guest House, Landmark Inn and Jose’s Martin Inn. Expect to pay Ushs50- per minute or double if they must run a generator. Photocopying, faxing, and printing services are offered by most Internet cafes.


Soroti town offers the usual plethora of small restaurants preparing local dishes and snacks. Meals range between Ushs2,000– to Ushs5,000-.

Hotels and guest houses offer more upmarket services including buffet lunches. Recommended restaurants include:

Golden ark hotel restaurant.
Landmark hotel restaurant.
Garden guest house restaurant.
Soroti Hotel restaurant (regarded as the best in town with experience chefs from famous catering schools in Uganda offering International and local cusine).

Others recommended restaurants are:

Café Amingo located along Market Street on the junction of the Soroti - Lira road.
Starlight restaurant
Paxland restaurant
Ted Wills restaurant.

Supermarkets and markets

There are several supermarkets in Soroti town including Mini Kyoga, New Kyoga Supermarket, Rainbow Supermarket.

There is no particular market day in own with traders selling their wares thoughout the week from simple roadside stalls. En-route to the Soroti Hotel, there is a Sunday clothes market.


Local bars and most hotels have DSTV. Jose’ Martin's is said to be the best sports bar in town. Soroti can now boast its own night club opened in 2007. The club called Trends is located 1km from Soroti town along the Soroti - Moroto road. The club is reportedly to a standard of club Silk in Kampala. You will find Trends open on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and public holidays. Entrance fee is Ushs3,000- per person.

Banks and Post office

Soroti's post office is located on the Soroti – Lira road opposite the Soroti Referrals Hospital.

Banks in Soroti include Post Bank, Stanbic Bank, Centenary Rural Development Bank and Western Union Money Transfer Branches.

Accommodation Pallisa:
Country Inn: Tel. 0752 751000, 0772 353435. Recently opened in Pallisa some 16 km off the Tirinyi to Mbale road. 23 self-contained rooms, a large 5 acre garden with free camping, a swimming pool underway, tennis court, children's park, restaurant and bar. Direct access to Soroti and all the attractions in the Mbale area.

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